Swim Report – April 1, 2012 – Perfect Conditions!

I’m making this quick since I’m just about to leave for L1 right now. And I’d strongly recommend you get out there ASAP as well!

Dave sent me an urgent text message with some images of the swim site from a short while ago (see below). It turns out we had a rare temperature inversion take place at our favorite swim site this morning, and it’s given us some unseasonably warm air and lake temperatures.

I hope to see you all there!

Perfect April sunrise

Pool party out at L1!

The trampoline is back!

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  1. hot fun in the spring time at ladder #1 I called Steve and he stole Anne’s car and made it in less then 20 minutes ! The water was nearly crystal clear so I dove the wall in search of sunken treasure… only one dime and a few beer bottle and cans- – – boo hoo….
    Stever was able to pull off a double front flip off the mini trampoline !
    the water was near mirror flat and when the fog burned off around 8am the sun was great so i stayed until 2pm.

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