Swim Report – March 31, 2012 – March Madness (and new Lake Monsters!)

When it comes to trying to predict the lake conditions, I always defer to Dave’s quote, “You get what you get when you get there.” And once in a rare while, you get something so perplexing out there that you just have to “give it a shot” – as I like to say – and completely throw away your swim plan.

And that was yesterday!

When we arrived at L1, it might as well have been late November. The air temperature came in at a crisp 43F with overcast skies and a constant north wind cutting through us like a machete. The lake itself was complete chaos with both heavy chops and 4-5 foot swells that were intensifying as we stood out there. Nevertheless, we donned our gear and descended into the oblivion.

My hands were already numb as I climbed down into the mess. We had taken several measurements of the lake temperature, and the final verdict was somewhere in the 44F – 45F range, which was a significant drop from last week. This was most likely due to the agitated lake churning up the colder lower layers. Regardless, it did not present us with ideal swimming conditions.

We all stopped on numerous occasions to catch our breath and to get our bearings, and none of us could really get a regular swim groove going in the chaotic water. The combination “washing machine” chops plus heavier swells just didn’t allow for anything other than a “shipwreck survivor” style of swimming. As a result, everyone completely ditched his or her a swim plan and bailed out early at some point.

Bottom line, it was a great day for inner tubing but a ridiculously futile one for swimming. But still fun nonetheless!

Bill and Laurie, Lake Monsters #164 and #165 (congrats!)

The author glad as heck to be out of the water

Pre-swim video

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