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Swim Report – September 19, 2015 – Late Summer Swells

Marton, Tony, and I made it out to L1 yesterday morning at 6:30am. Given the storms from the night before and the 15mph to 20mph winds gusts, I wasn’t expecting the lake conditions to be ideal. But they were far better than we had expected! The lake temperature came in... Read More


Swim Report – September 12, 2015 – Big Waves

Despite the wind, rain, and rigorous swells, we managed to get in a 1/2 mile to the beach – current assisted of course! Daryl, Obed, and I met out at L1 6:15am and stashed all of our gear at the Chess Pavilion. My shoes and socks were already soaked through thanks to a... Read More


Swim Report – September 5, 2015 – Pre-Storm Swim

We gambled and won this morning. The forecast called for a 40% chance of thunderstorms, and we managed to finish up our swim right before they moved in! But our streak of luck really started the moment we arrived at L1. I wasn’t sure what to expect as far as lake temperature... Read More


Swim Report – August 22, 2015 – Deluge

The forecast called for heavy rain – but not thunderstorms – during the early morning hours of today. So absent any lightning, the swim was still a go as of last night. Fortunately for us, the weatherman was actually spot on this time! It took a bit longer to get... Read More


Swim Report – August 22, 2015 – Cold Plunge

I got out to L1 a bit early on Saturday morning as I was very eager to find out what the water temperature was at our swim site. It had been stubbornly hovering in the 54F – 55F range up in Evanston, but I still held out hope that perhaps L1 might have escaped the drastic... Read More


Swim Report – August 8, 2015 – High Summer

An intrepid group of around ten swimmers showed up at L1 and got in a swim in the 72.1F lake. I was a bit concerned what Ma Nature would present to us given the gusty wind and choppy lake conditions of the night before. But Lake Michigan was calm and clear at 5:30am! We didn’t... Read More

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