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Swim Report – July 13, 2014 – After the Storms

The forecast was sketchy for Sunday morning given the intermittent thunderstorms. But they had all but passed come 5:30am. Nevertheless, Lake Michigan had a BIG surprise in store for us early morning swimmers! The walk out to L1 from North Avenue was very pleasant given the... Read More


OWC Mindshare 4: Effective Open Water Sighting Techniques

There’s a lot more to sighting than just picking a target and looking for it during the swim.  But unfortunately, that’s usually all the advice you’ll ever get from most coaches whenever the subject comes up.   The reality, though, is that poor and inefficient... Read More


Swim Report – July 5, 2014 – Morning fireworks edition

If you missed out on any of Friday night’s fireworks shows, you had a chance to catch nature’s version early Saturday morning. And it was a much better show, in my opinion! Around ten of us gathered at L1 shortly before the sun made its grand appearance. However,... Read More


Swim Report – June 28, 0214 – In the chops

The days are starting to get shorter, so I bumped up our swim start time to 5:30am. We had a great turnout at such an early time slot, including several new Lake Monsters! The lake temp came in at a scalding hot 68.8F, and we had a north wind that created some rather annoying... Read More


OWC Mindshare 3: Managing Anxiety and Panic While Open Water Swimming

It’s normal to be anxious before and during an open water swim.  But if this isn’t managed effectively, it could lead to panic, exhaustion, paralysis, or even drowning in a worst case scenario.  The key thing that most people do not understand is that anxiety... Read More


Swim Report – June 21, 2014 – Summer Solstice Edition

About 15 swimmers showed up for our last swim of Spring and first swim of Summer.  And with the official solstice taking place at 5:51am, we were able to combine both into one single workout! The lake temp came in at a balmy 64F which helped make up for the damp and foggy 58F... Read More