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Chicago’s Lake Michigan Water Temperatures (2008 – 2014)

Okay, I admit it. I’m somewhat of a data junkie. I guess that’s an unintended consequence of my day job as an intelligence analyst (long story). So bottom line, I’m always looking for patterns and trends in large or small data sets that might provide insights... Read More


OWC System – Water Quality Swim Hacks

New FREE content from the OWC System for Mastering Outdoor Swimming! As much as I enjoy swimming outdoors, I have to admit that it’s not always a pleasant experience. Unlike a swimming pool (well, unlike MOST swimming pools at least), the lake is not a sterile and antiseptic... Read More


Swim Report – September 27, 2014 – Hints of Summer

Nick, Martin, Renee, and I met out at L1 just in time to catch yet another amazing sunrise. We had some slight chops that made this swim a bit more of a workout than we had planned. But the 63.5F lake temp and 60F air temp was about as ideal as you could get. I hope you got... Read More


Swim Report – September 22, 2014 – Autumnal Equinox Swim!

Great turnout for the last swim of summer – and first swim of autumn! Nine of us met out at L1 at around 9:15pm, and – other than an occasional nocturnal biker – we pretty much had the lakefront all to ourselves. The lake was a slightly choppy, but the swimming... Read More


Swim Report – September 20, 2014 – Last weekend of Summer

In spite of the dire warnings of high winds and waves, seven of us showed up at L1 to take our chances on the lake being somewhat swimmable. As it turned out, it was quite calm with the water temperature coming in at a pleasant 61.8F. The out-and-back to Oak Street Beach was... Read More


Swim Report – September 14, 2014 – Early October?

After several days of yucky weather and tempestuous lake conditions, we finally got a break this morning! Five seasoned Lake Monsters met out at L1 at 6:30am just as the sun was starting to emerge to the south of the water crib. And just like last week, the colors were absolutely... Read More

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