Paula’s Swim – Liveblogging Updates

Paula embarked her second attempt this afternoon:

Below are the text messages I’m getting from Paula’s support crew (most recent ones at the top). Keep checking in…more to come!

The forecast – clear skies and warmer lake temperatures – looks great!

10:08pm (EST) – Swim Finish

Paula was not the picture of joy coming out of the water but she looked strong coming toward the beach and kept picking up the pace till it was over. She is now snug as a bug in her hotel bed and hopefully can sleep through much of the pain that her body has went through.

The weather was good and she made it in before dark. The swim took a total of 25hours 38 minutes.

Someone will give you better details tomorrow but just wanted to be sure at least one email went out so you knew she was victorious

4:04pm (EST)

This may be the last communication until after the swim.

She is on pace to reach land around 10:00 and I assume they meant eastern time so 9 central. The Land Support Task Force (LSTF) will attempt to find an internet connection near the beach at a cafe but if we can’t find one we will be sure to inform you of some of the sea fareing tales when the crew returns.

We have been requested to find information on beaches south of the park so it is possible the landing location may change.


14 km left as of around 2:15pm est


36 km down in 18 hours.catching the rays from the zodiac:)paula doing great in the sun and water like glass with a pacer in the water.2km per hour,sheis awesome


Sunny and low wind Kendra (one of Paula’s pacers) just got back on the boat. We’re bang on track 10pm est. 9 central (Michigan City time). The destination is Washington Park Beach in Michigan City


33out of 54km eta 10:30est tonight Paula picked up the pace now the sun is out. She is doing great.


Half way, sun is out,looks like it is going to be a sunny day 4 paula


24km in 12 hours, morning is breaking paula doing great and looking forward to some sun winds are at about zero so good news so far!!!


weather is good paula looking strong 1 to 3 foot waves water temp 68 we can see the smoke stack at michigan city woot woot


4km in 2 hours,going into waves,fairly calm. doing good.clear sky.nice sunset over the city

5 Replies to “Paula’s Swim – Liveblogging Updates

  1. ok kids…. now that Paula is swimming 24 plus hours in 56 degree plus water, and on friday night hit 8 foot waves that swamped the boat which made her abort after 8 full hours of swimming….and then leave one day later to do the swim she set out to do inorder to complete the 5 great lakes.
    i never want to hear you cry babies bitch and moan that the water is tooooo coldddd , tooo waveyyyyy !!!!!
    she is swimming in a swim suit not a wet suit !!!!
    so no more ok. try to enjoy and make the best of each day. if its not safe ,do not go in and risk your health or life, you can always try again tommorow. if its too cold wear your suit. NO MORE COMPLAINTS …. you get what you get when you get to the beach and nothing more. remember the weather man LIES and gets paid to do it.

    1. She sure is! I’ve notified the local media (again) about this amazing story. Hopefully they’ll break out of their “good news is no news” mindset and cover this.

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