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  1. dear megan,
    i am trying to google map a good route inorder for steve and me to swim from ladder #1 to the bay to see you. so far it looks like we will need to swim the illinois river to the mississippi then the gulf to the panama canel then north on the pacific…. i will need to bring enouth money to pay to swim through the locks in panama and pack a few sandwiches in zip lock bags in case we get hungry ! merry christmas

    diver dave

  2. I moved to chicago 15 years ago. I go to the lake every weekend during the year and these guys Steve and David they swim all year around no matter how the weather is. They jump into the water. They motive people to swim. great video guys keep it up.

  3. Absolutely loved your short film. I’ve been swimming at the Dolphin Club for many years; it’s great to see you guys in the lake.

    I’m sure others have invited you, but please come the Dolphin Club. We’d love to get to know any of you!

    Best, Megan

    1. Hi Megan. Thanks! I’m long overdue for another Bay swim, so I’ll definitely look everyone up the next time I get out there!

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