Swim Report – July 15, 2017 – Ahead of the waves

A quite sizable group of early morning swimmers showed up at L1 at 5:28am. As expected, we had clear skies and a magnificent sunrise. The water level, though, was a bit of a surprise.

The lake was at the highest level I have seen in years. Perhaps this was due to all the recent storms, but it was certainly a contrast to the lower than normal lake levels of a few years ago.

We had some slight swells (1 to 2 feet) that seemed to intensify as the morning went on. However, no one complained about the 69.1F water.

In sum, another great morning out at the old swim site. And given that the lakefront was shut down the next day due to heavy waves and currents, it looks like we picked the best time to sneak in a swim!

Scenes at sunrise

Taking the plunge

At the beach

Liz, Lake Monster 451 (congrats!)

Noah, Lake Monster 452 (congrats!)

Ernst, Lake Monster 453 (congrats!)

Swim Report – July 1, 2017 – Happy July!

This will be a quick one as it’s a mighty fine weekend, and I don’t want to squander it in front of the computer!

Suffice to say, this was another perfect morning for a swim. And despite the 5:20am swim start, we had a good size crew show up – including a few Lake Monsters that we haven’t seen since last year!

The lake came in at 65.1F on the surface, although there were definitely some colder layers below that you could occasionally feel mid-stroke. But the water was calm and clear, and we had plenty of sunshine to overcome any unexpected chilly water!

Dawn colors

Lake Monster gathering

Swim start

Mid-swim by the buoy

Swim finish and full on sunshine!

Ashley, Lake Monster 450 (congrats!)

Support Team Carol – Donate Today!

Hi everyone! Be sure to come on out to Ohio Street Beach on Saturday morning, July 23, the cheer on Team Carol! Here is our fabulous roster of swimmers:

Laura Kochevar
Sharon Bielski
Mary Rose Birch
Katie Bublitz
Stephen Hernan
Amanda Hunt
Donna Hynes
Kelly Hynes
Laura Hynes
Michael Hynes
Jonathan Leuchs
Scott Rooney

FYI, we’re just shy of reaching our team fundraising goal of $5,000 for the July 23 Swim Across America event, and each of our swimmers has his or her own individual fundraising goal as well.

So please check out the Team Carol Website for this event and feel free to donate to either individual swimmers or to the group as a whole.

And we hope to see you all out at the lake on the 23rd!


Independence Day 2011

Happy 4th!

Are You Ready Yet for Summer?

Here’s a shot of our swim site I found online. It was taken during the summer (obviously), and if you look really close you can see “The Chairman” in the water just off of Ladder #1!