Swim Report – November 3, 2019 – Fall Turnover Edition

As fortunate would dictate, the lake was very calm on Sunday, and we took full advantage if it. My first priority upon arriving was to use this fleeting opportunity to clear the area around L1 which had become dangerously slippery due to an accumulation of slime/algae. So while I was waiting for a temperature reading, I got to work with a hard bristle broom and scoured the concrete, creating a safer path out to the lake.

When that tiring labor was complete, I checked on the lake thermometer which came back at 48.5F (49.0F in swim). This was somewhat of a surprise as the water didn’t have the “sting factor” on my exposed feet that usually accompanies anything under 50F. So I figured that the 34.0F air temperature was giving a lower lake surface temp reading. During this time, several other Lake Monsters arrived, and we took in the brilliant autumn colors out to the east (see pics below). After that, we all geared up and got into big bad Lake Michigan.

The initial immersion was a bit brisk for me as I went in with only my jammers and neoprene cap. However, I had done some cold water priming earlier in the morning and had slathered on a very generous layer of shea butter – all of which made a world of difference in-swim.

The lake was a murky light green color which is a telltale sign that we are in the middle of the fall turnover and that we are now swimming in the “winter layer.” This typically takes place in late October or early November, so we are spot on as far as timing.

I did an estimated 1/3 mile in total before getting out, and I immediately got out of my wet swim gear and into several layers of warm clothing. Lucky for us, it was still fairly sunny out and there was no wind. So that meant that the post-swim afterdrop wasn’t as severe as it usually is (thank goodness).

Overall, another great morning out at the world’s most photogenic swim site. Wish you could have been there!

Amazing colors at daybreak!
Lake Monsters post swim

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