Update – Swim Aborted…Will Try Again Tomorrow

Some disappointing news, folks. Paula and crew ran into some heavy weather 8 hours and 12 miles (20 km) into the swim. She was doing fine in the 8-foot waves, but her crew called off the swim due to an increasing small craft advisory.

The upshot is that Paula’s going to try again on Sunday. Apparently, 8 hours in the rough water isn’t enough to take it out of her. The weather forecast looks great, too. So we’re going to treat this swim as a pre-event “tapering” workout…

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  1. wow. After 8 hours I’d be too exhausted to lift my head off the pillow, let alone swim again!!
    Good luck!
    anyone know how it went?

    I was just down at Ohio St and it was quite windy and water in the high 50’s (I think).

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