Swim Report – September 22, 2016 – One Last Summer Fling

One OWC tradition that we’ve tried to keep every year is to get in the last swim of Summer and the first swim of Autumn all at once. To do this, we’ve met up at L1 right before the exact time of the Equinox, and we’ve gotten in the lake with a minute or so to spare. This way, we could start our swim in Summer and finish it in Autumn – all within the space of a few minutes!

Well, careers and life events intervened this year, but I still wanted to shake down Mother Nature for one last Summer swim! So I managed to get my lethargic self out to Lighthouse Beach at 6:30am this morning to get in the lake before 9:21am – the official Autumnal Equinox. And boy was I glad that I did!

The lake came in at a crisp 61.1F, but the sunrise was amazing and the water was blissfully clear. ‘Nuff said, below are the pics from a few hours ago when it was still Summer!




In-swim shots



Surprise visitors in my alley!


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