Swim Report – September 17, 2016 – Last (Official) Meetup of Summer!

Our last meetup of summer 2016 turned out to be one of our best swims thanks to near perfect conditions out at L1!

While it was still a bit overcast at 6:30am, the lake was perfectly flat with aquarium clear conditions – so much so that you could see the ripples in the sand two meters below the surface. We typically don’t get this level of clarity in September, but we had an insidious thermocline moving in to the shoreline. So in exchange for near perfect visibility underwater, we had to put up with a slight chill at various points during the swim.

The surface temperature came in at 66.7F, but the final in-swim reading was 65.0F. There were some pockets of warmth on the way south to Oak Street Beach, but you could really sense the cooler water moving in on the way back!

Unlike prior outings over the last few months, I was actually able to do the entire out-and-back mile this time without any shoulder issues. So a big shout out to Simone and crew over at Athletico for putting up with all my bad jokes for the last 8 weeks!

And as always, if you slept in on Saturday morning, you sure missed out (again!)

Lake Monsters at the swim start


Welcome back Kim!


Hanging out at Oak Street Beach


Shameless selfie


Bettina, Lake Monster 423


Paul, Lake Monster 424


Brock, Lake Monster 425


In-swim video

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