Swim Report – October 8, 2017 – Marathon Morning!

Daryl, I, and a flock of geese met out at L1 early Sunday morning. Given the marathon mess taking place to the west, I came in from north Lake Shore Drive and avoided LaSalle Street altogether. I wasn’t expecting to have a civil swim site waiting for me, so imagine my delight when I exited the pedestrian tunnel to face near perfect conditions!

Longtime readers of this blog know that I strongly contend that October sunrises are the best ones of the year. That’s because you have the perfect combination of color, contrast, and clarity – and the show starts way before the actual sunrise with all the haunting colors of daybreak. So for all of you pearl clutchers who gasped in horror at the idea of coming out to swim on marathon morning, you sure made a bad decision!

While the sunrise was nothing short of astonishing, the lake conditions were absolutely flawless. The in-swim lake temp came in at 64.6F, and we had perfectly calm swimming conditions with clear, blue water that was an absolute joy to swim in.

As before, I swam to Oak Street Beach and walked back – but not before hanging out for several minutes taking more shots of a perfect Lake Michigan.

Truly one for the ages – but where were you?!?

Autumn sky at dawn

L1 Geese


B-roll filming by Channel 2 News

Our own (free) private swimming pool

Swim finish at Oak Street Beach

More geese

Marathon runners!

Today’s video:

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