Swim Report – September 23, 2017 – Autumn Scorcher

Summer went out with a bang this year and decided to spill over into Autumn this weekend. Not that any of us minded, however…

The air temperature read 80F when I stepped outside yesterday morning, and it continued its upward climb throughout the day. I had snuck out to the lake on Friday morning, so I wasn’t too surprised by the lake temperature. Still, after weeks of it rather obstinately entrenched in the 65F range, it was awfully nice to see it back at 72.5F!

We had a record crowd out at the world’s best swim site – at least 25 swimmers from what I can recall. The heat wave coupled with the later meetup time seemed to have sparked much more interest in coming out to the lakefront. Plus the rumor that we were going to have perfect swimming conditions turned out to be true (again, not that any of us minded.)

We all got a bit of a late start as we were very distracted by the absolutely stunning sunrise. But once we got in the lake, it was business as usual making our way to the beach.

Because the lake conditions were perfectly calm, I was able to get a decent swim rhythm right away. So by the time I hit Oak Street Beach I was hardly winded at all! Nevertheless, I still decided to walk back as I ended up spending a lot of time at the beach taking more shots of all the swimmers.

By the time I got back to L1, things had really started to heat up and the lakefront was getting exceptionally busy – particularly on the multi-use path. So I figured that this would be a good time to make a quick exit before the weekend mob arrived.

Happy Autumn 2017!

First dawn of Autumn

Swarm of Lake Monsters!

Another photogenic morning

The in-swim view to the east

Beach landing!

Andrew, Lake Monster 476 (congrats!)

Simon, Lake Monster 477 (congrats!)

Becca, Lake Monster 478 (congrats!)

Erin, Lake Monster 479 (congrats!)

Marc, Lake Monster 480 (congrats!)

Nicole, Lake Monster 481 (congrats!)

Carlo, Lake Monster 482 (congrats!)

And lastly, Eric, Lake Monster 483 (congrats!)

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  1. Pat Collison
    September 24, 2017

    Love the picture of our son Fred and wonderful grandson Eric.

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