Swim Report – November 27, 2022 – Fall Turnover

The forecast called for continued rain the morning of our planned swim, but the drizzle had halted by the time we all arrived just before 7:00am. I took a quick surface reading of the lake, and it came in at 44F – just slightly above the 42 air temp. The water was a bit choppy due to some steady winds, but the real treat was the water quality.

As I climbed down L1, I could tell that the lake was very clear, even with the agitated water. Bottom line, we were in the midst of the fall turnover when the colder, clearer water from the depths mix up with the surface water. Just as with the spring turnover, there is a period of about 3-4 days where you get crystal clear water before things revert to their slightly murky baseline.

So a nice bonus for us that morning!

Choppy lake
Lake Monsters getting ready!
Swim start

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