Swim Report – December 4, 2022 – Sub 40F Zone!

Today was our first real taste of Old Man Winter. The air temperature was a crisp 22F at 7:00am out at L1, and the lake temperature (surface) came in at an even 40.F. However, the official in-swim reading broke through the floor and registered a consistent 38.8F – so we’re finally in the “winter zone.”

I got in just under 1/2 mile with a neoprene shorty along with a hood, gloves, and booties. Apart from the initial sting on my exposed legs and forearms, I was quite comfortable after a couple of minutes. But the post-swim scramble followed by the inevitable afterdrop were a bit of a challenge.

Still, we had a very calm lake and an amazing show to the east as the pics below show!

L1 pre-sunrise
Skyline at dawn
First light
The pool is open!

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