Swim Report – November 13, 2022 – Fall Chill (Redux)

We had a good streak of warmer weather that kept us in the mid-50F’s and even gave us a slight bump last week. But alas, all good things must come to an end. And while the lake still managed to stay above 50.0F, it was just on the edge!

‘Twas a brisk morning out at the old swim site with the air temperature coming in at 32F coupled with a slight breeze that nipped at our exposed skin. The lake had some higher volume swells that were flooding the area by the ladder, so I had to time them to get a reading. The surface temp came in at 51F, but I later adjusted this downward to 50.6F – the reading on my watch thermometer.

I was really feeling the chill at 6:30am, so I went with a neoprene shorty for the swim. I was quite comfortable in this setup, and I was able to so almost 1/2 mile pretty easily due to the added buoyancy. the way back to L1 was a bit more of a challenge as the swells had grown significantly, with the occasional rogue wave cresting at around 4 feet. But since they were slow and regular, it was easy to time them during the swim.

Pesky swells
Gearing up
Swim start
The sun peeks through
Post swim

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