Swim Report – May 5, 2013 – Glorious!

The forecast called for crisp air temperatures and overcast skies. But once again, the weatherman lied!

I set the meetup time for 6:00am, but I knew that I would likely miss some of the sunrise since the official sun-up time was 5:46am. So I made a spontaneous stop at Howard Beach and snapped a few shots of the pre-dawn sky. It was simply astounding!

By the time I reached L1, the sun was already up. The lake temp came in at 51F, which was more than tempered by the very strong sunshine throughout the swim.

As usual, other than a handful of bundled up runners and cyclists, I had the whole lakefront to myself. Get on out here!!!

Howard Beach at daybreak


May sunrise!




At Oak Street Beach (swim start)


Basking in the post-swim sunshine!


Yes, you missed out (again)

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  1. water temp at ladder #1 was 53 degrees at 11:30am !
    air was upper 50’s but a 30mph wind piled on a cold wind chill off the lake but the water was filled with calm small rollers.

    the Lincoln Park Zoo is offering 10% off on their Safari parking pass if you pay in person instead of over the phone on on the net…
    i payed $158.00 today

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