Swim Report – March 19, 2016 – Last Winter Meetup!

I met up with Mikala, Mary Ellen, and Tim out at L1 this morning for our last winter swim of 2016. The lakefront was a bit more turbulent than last week, but the water temperature came in at a surprisingly tepid 42.4F – just what we were hoping for. So we donned whatever neoprene we had at our disposal and hopped into the drink.

I played it a bit more conservative this week and added a neoprene top to my shorts, hood, gloves, and boots. But I could probably have gone without the top as the water was quite tolerable. And by “tolerable” I mean that it no longer generated that searingly painful sensation on one’s exposed skin that it did just a few short weeks ago – a welcome change.

The 2 to 3 foot swells added an element of challenge to the swim, and the bicep tendinitis in my right arm was squawking a bit more than usual thanks to the extra exertion. So I decided to turn around just shy of the 1/4 mile point.

The inevitable afterdrop made its grand entrance about 10 minutes after exiting the lake, and it had a stronger bite thanks to a complete absence of sunshine. But there was plenty of good conversation to pass the time before we all finally “broke through” the shivering.

And while I’m sure we’ll have some more chilly mornings over the next month or so, it looks like we can finally say goodbye to the sub-40F lake. At least until next December!

Skyline at dawn





Lake Monsters in their element


Post-swim, pre-afterdrop


A brief spot of sunshine!


Swim start video

2 Replies to “Swim Report – March 19, 2016 – Last Winter Meetup!

  1. Good morning Steve, I have not forgotten about joining up with you and others to OWC. I hoping to come out to Ladder #1 as per your announced this coming Saturday (03/25/16).

  2. I was sad to see our last winter swim come and go, but found a great deal of satisfaction in it as well. when I started the group back in august of last year I didn’t think I had a chance of making it all the way through the winter relatively unscathed. the first time I hit the water in august, the temp was I believe 54 degrees fahrenheit which I thought was unbearable! now, however, I look back at 54 and long for such temps again – afterall there is a major difference between 34 and 54, both of which I have now swan in.
    that aside, what an awesome experience the Saturday swims have been thus far – the group has really helped me adjust to a new life I never though I would have to experience. thanks all! see you in a couple weeks. cheers!

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