Swim Report – June 29, 2013 – Spring Redux

It may as well have been mid-May out at L1 given the overcast skies, breezy lakefront, and 60F air temperature. But fortunately, the water temperature came in at a very promising 64.8F with no thermocline layers. So once we got in, it didn’t take long to acclimate to the lake. The real challenge, however, was the 3-5 foot waves that intensified throughout the swim.

We had the current help us on the way down to Oak Street Beach, but the return trip was very slow going. And at times it was hard to find one’s swim groove – especially if you swam closer to the wall with the “ricochet” waves. But everyone made it back to L1 in both good health and good spirits with yet another lake adventure under our belts.

Congrats to new Lake Monsters Barbara and Eduardo. And welcome back to Laura and Danny – good to see everyone back at L1 again!

The “in crowd” at 5:30am


Mid-swim shot


Barbara, Lake Monster 235


Eduardo, Lake Monster 236


Geese conga line


This morning’s video compilation:

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