Swim Report – July 6, 2013 – The Peak of Summer

Early July is a magical time. We no longer have those nippy Spring mornings with the bracing lake temperatures. But at the same time, the dog days of August still seem like months – or even years – in the future. In other words, we have reached the height of summer – with morning being the finest slice of the day.

Sunrise bloomed at 5:22am, and several of us were already out at L1 checking out Nature’s show. The lake temperature came in at a very inviting 67.7F which, coupled with a practically mirror flat surface, made for ideal swim conditions. We did our typical socializing/procrastinating for about 15 minutes and then quickly got in the lake.

The swim south to Oak Street Beach was as smooth as if in a swimming pool, and the beach conditions were no different. By then the sun had come out in full force, so we spent several minutes hanging out at the beach, socializing even more.

We eventually started the journey back to L1 with some of us taking a more circuitous route. With a new coat of florescent orange paint, L1 shone like a beacon in the distance, making spotting quite easy (thanks Dave!).

Bottom line, another morning in paradise with the entire lakefront to ourselves!



Early risers


Everybody in the pool!


Socializing at the beach


Back at L1


Steve, Lake Monster 237


Andy, Lake Monster 238


Derwin, Lake Monster 239 and Amanda Lake Monster 240


Sara, Lake Monster 241, and Jennifer, Lake Monster 242


Craig, Lake Monster 243


Nessie sighting!


Today’s video compilation:

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