Swim Report – June 22, 2013 – Fugue State

A massive work project came to a head late last week, so I headed into Saturday morning with little to no sleep since Wednesday – a really yucky situation which I do not recommend. The immediate result was that the drive down to L1 at 4:30am was some sort of “waking dream” fugue state that no amount of coffee could shake off. Nevertheless, I made it out to L1 intact and met up with a number of other swimmers already there and ready to get in the lake!

Fortunately for us, the thunderstorms had already either passed through or veered north of the swim site. So we had very calm conditions at 5:30am. The lake temp came in at 65F (surface) with a colder thermocline layer a meter below. But it was definitely swimmable – although somewhat bracing if you dived down to the deeper levels.

The amazing part about the swim, however, was that the colder lower layer was as clear as an aquarium. So we had some fantastic visibility in the water.

Overall, a great first swim of summer 2013!

Surprise visitor


Taking the plunge


Lots o’ swimmers!


Bill, Lake Monster 232 (congrats!)


Andrew, Lake Monster 233 (congrats!)


Dan, Lake Monster 234 (congrats!)


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