Swim Report – June 28, 0214 – In the chops

The days are starting to get shorter, so I bumped up our swim start time to 5:30am. We had a great turnout at such an early time slot, including several new Lake Monsters!

The lake temp came in at a scalding hot 68.8F, and we had a north wind that created some rather annoying chops. Still, it was a perfect morning to get in the lake, and we managed to finish our swim just as the sun disappeared behind an encroaching cloud bank.

(No big narrative today – time to get outside again and enjoy these longer days of early summer!)

Lake Monsters at daybreak


In-swim shot on the way to the beach


Group shot at the halfway point


Hannah, Lake Monster 311, hailing all the way from California!


Patrick, Lake Monster 312


Diane, Lake Monster 313


Swim video!

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  1. diver dave
    June 29, 2014

    i showed up a few hours later and the water was mirror flat on Saturday and Sunday morning…. Sunday ladder #1 was 68 to 70 degree water !

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