OWC Mindshare 3: Managing Anxiety and Panic While Open Water Swimming

It’s normal to be anxious before and during an open water swim.  But if this isn’t managed effectively, it could lead to panic, exhaustion, paralysis, or even drowning in a worst case scenario.  The key thing that most people do not understand is that anxiety and panic are two separate phenomena, and that there are specific strategies and tactics for managing both.  

In this pivotal session, we will review this topic area in depth.  Areas to be discussed include the science and physiological mechanisms of anxiety and panic, how they are “anchored” to our emotional system, how they can escalate out of control in the open water, and what you can do to successfully manage them.  Here are the details:

OWC Mindshare 3: Managing Anxiety and Panic While Open Water Swimming

– Date: Saturday, June 28, 2014

– Time: 7:00am

– Location: Vicinity of Ladder 1

– What to bring: Just yourself as this is a land-based seminar (i.e. no swimming involved!).  You can also bring something to eat or drink – I will likely be doing so!

– Cost: Feel free to donate to OWC at any time after the clinic if you feel that it was in any way valuable to you!

[For more details on the OWC Mindshare series – CLICK HERE]

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