Swim Report – June 18, 2023 – Threshold of Summer

Another magical morning out at L1…

We are on the verge of the summer solstice, so sunrise is an excruciatingly early 5:15am these days. The good news is that this is as early as it gets. So very soon we will all be lamenting the shorter days as we start on the downslope of summer. But all that is a long way off for now!

The lake came in at a near perfect 64F – a bit warmer than the 60F air temp. We had some chops that made it a challenge to get in a smooth swim rhythm, but we all adjusted pretty quickly. The sunrise was delayed a bit due to some low lying clouds to the east. But once it made it’s grand appearance, it was hard not to get distracted by the amazing view to the east!

Wish you had been there!

Skyline (with bonus seagull)
In the chops
Márta, Lake Monster 570 (congrats!)
Rob, Lake Monster 571 (congrats!)
Naoki, Lake Monster 572 (congrats!)
Linus, Lake Monster 573 (congrats!) –> with mallard photobomb
Monica, Lake Monster 574 (congrats!)
Raju, Lake Monster 575 (congrats!)

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