Swim Report – June 11, 2023 – Channeling Autumn

With the overcast skies, a biting wind, high volume swells, and an air temp in the low 50Fs, this morning seemed more like late September than mid June. But even with a 5:15am swim time added onto all of this, five Lake Monsters braved the water and secured bragging rights over the rest of the slumbering city dwellers.

The forecast called for a beach advisory, so I was expecting high waves and doubtful swimming conditions. We definitely had waves, but they were more in the 3-4 foot level. So if you went out a bit past the wall, you could swim in them pretty easily. Unlike chops, you could actually time these swells and keep a swim rhythm. The only complicating factor was getting out of the water as you had to time the swells while climbing the ladder.

The water came in at 66F – a bit higher than usual for this time of year. So I went with just my jammers and swim cap and was quite comfortable. Actually, it was more harrowing getting out of the lake as the wind was rather biting. But no afterdrop whatsoever.

Looking forward to the official start of summer!

The 5:15am crew
Swim start
Timing the swells
Final stretch!
Connor, Lake Monster 569 (congrats!)
Lake Michigan conquered

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