Swim Report – July 13, 2013 – Heaven on Earth

Right now, I’m looking out my window while I type this, and I’m already getting antsy being inside and sitting in front of the computer. If only there was a way I could right click on the morning and copy and paste it 364 more times…

I met up with Mike over on Clark street, and we walked briskly down to L1 around 5:20am so as not to miss out on the sunrise. There was already a small crowd out by our swimming shrine, and more people streamed in before the magnificent orange sphere made its grand entrance a few minutes later.

With the lake temp coming in at a blazing 73.7F (and rising!), there was no need to ease into the lake – we all just jumped in and started heading south! A slight but constant northwest wind gave us some small chops on the way down to Oak Street Beach. But the swim back was much easier since we had the current in our favor.

I could write more about this morning, but I think the pictures can do a much better job of illustrating how awesome the swim was. And yes, you really should have been there this time!

P.S. Best wishes to Lake Monsters Ines and John who are moving away this month. Make sure you come back for another swim as soon as you can!



Close up shot


Taking the plunge


Lake Monsters heading south


Another sunrise shot, mid-swim


Lake Monsters heading north


Mary, Lake Monster 244 (congrats!)


Ralph, Lake Monster 245 (congrats!)


Allen, Lake Monster 246 (congrats!)


Another day in Paradise…

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