Swim Report – February 11, 2024 – Early Spring?

I got out to L1 a bit early and noticed that the water was a bit less opaque – i.e. it didn’t look like the typical murky “winter layer.” So I dropped in my thermometer, and I was surprised when the surface temperature came in at 39F – a big jump from last time and higher than normal for early February. So it looks like we might be getting some mixing of the lower thermocline layers. Not an official spring turnover, but a great sign nonetheless!

Even though it was 33F outside, it still felt more like spring with the sunny skies and mostly calm lake. I went with a fullsuit again as I’m still at the tail end of yet another cold. I did ~1/4 mile and was perfectly comfortable in the water the entire time with no afterdrop when I got out. Maybe Old Man Winter cashed in his chips early this year?

Always a great morning when a dog shows up!

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