Swim Report – December 16, 2018 – Late Autumn Glory

We lucked out yesterday morning in that we had clear skies and a mostly calm lakefront.  Plus, as a bonus for coming out so early, Ma Nature gave us a slight bump in the lake temperature!

December is typically a rather dour month in terms of weather.  More often than not it’s mostly cloudy or completely overcast – something which further detracts from our already diminished sunlight this time of year.  But Sunday morning lived up to its name and gave us a bright sunrise that burned off the stubborn morning mist.

The lake temperature came in at a surprisingly upbeat 36.0F – almost a whole degree warmer than the prior week!  The air temperature was more than palatable at 32F – especially since we had no wind to contend with before and after our swim.

I decided to keep the fullsuit in storage for the time being and went with my modified winter gear setup – i.e. neoprene short sleeve top, shorts, hood, gloves, and booties with a healthy topping of shea butter on my forearms, lower legs, and face.  This seemed to work out fine as I didn’t really have much discomfort on my exposed skin this time (thank God).

We had some slight swells that created a southbound current, but nothing too strong to hinder us either to or from L1.  All said, I did just under 1/2 mile before climbing out.

It really was a beautiful morning – more like late January than mid-December.  If you missed out on the sunrise, below are some shots that give you some idea of how cool it was!

L1 at daybreak
Mr. Sun makes an appearance!
Close up
The sun finally peeks out from behind the cloud wall
Full colors
Swim start!

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