Swim Report – August 25, 2012 – Another morning in paradise

If you were ever asked to describe a perfect morning for a lake swim, I’ll bet you would cite this past Saturday as a strong contender.

The official water temperature came in at 74.5F with just a slight ripple on the surface of the lake to add some variety. But the real show was – as always – the bright orange spectacle of the sunrise that greeted us with every glance to the east. In fact, although I typically breathe on my right side, I forced myself to stick with the left side so I could see it on every stroke to the beach!

After an extended stop at Oak Street Beach, a group of us headed back to L1, with most of us opting to swim out closer to the buoys. I can’t speak for everyone, but I think we just wanted to spend more time in the water enjoying the sunrise at water level.

Two thirds of the way back to L1, I met up with Mike and John who were on there way to Ohio Street beach and back. We chatted for a short while, and I shot a few pics before (finally) heading back.

I stuck around a while after everyone left and got in a few more times – including one extended session with Dave and his inner tubes!

In short, it was high summer at its finest!

Nick at sunrise

OWC “class picture” at Oak Street Beach!

Fred, Mike, and John in mid-swim

Lars (Lake Monster 198), Courtney (Lake Monster 199), and Ines (Lake Monster 200) – congrats!

Heidi (Lake Monster 201) and Michael (Lake Monster 202) – congrats!

The author in his element

Beach video!

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  1. ? where are the action photos of us from that death defying ride we took in those 25 foot waves in the inner tubes that day ?

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