Swim Report – August 20, 2023 – Air Show Edition

The morning of the Air and Water Show is always a crapshoot since you never know what you might have to deal with around L1 – even at 6:00am. Fortunately, things were pretty low key, and the area around our world-famous swim site was free and clear.

The lake temp came in at 73F – one degree below last week. While certainly not a trend, I am hoping that we haven’t yet hit peak lake warmth. However, I must admit that my personal “sweet spot” is when the lake is between 55F and 65F. So the best is indeed yet to come!

Just like last week, the lake was mirror flat – i.e. one big fun and easy swimming pool. I donned my goggles (no swim cap) and swam 1/2 mile to Oak Street Beach before walking back. There were already some Air Show early birds staking out their spots by the time I got back to L1. But I can’t blame them as it was an absolutely perfect morning.

All in all, a great way to start off the day before the real heat moved in. As a bonus, we had three new swimmers earn their Lake Monster stripes – always a commemorative event!

L1 at dawn
Sun worshippers
Pool party!
Elia, Lake Monster 577 (congrats!)
Purav, Lake Monster 578 (congrats!)
Dan, Lake Monster 579, and long-time morning lakefront stalwart (congrats!)

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  1. Elia is a second generation Lake Monster! Beautiful day to swim.

    Hieu (monster #114)

    (Also, Steve, you can send the Racine photo to my email. So cool!)

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