Swim Report – August 12, 2017 – Summer in the City!

About ten of us met just before 6:00am at L1. The air temperature was a bit crisp at 61F with a rather pesky breeze making it seem chiller than normal. So most of us waited until the sun peeked out from behind a wall of clouds to the east before starting our swim.

Fortunately for us, the lake was a blazing 73.0F. I was planning to swim to the beach and walk back as usual, but I decided to instead go to the 1/4 mile mark and do a large loop out by the buoys.

By the time we all returned back to L1, the wind had stopped and the sun was out in force. If I didn’t have so many other things to do up north, I could easily have just hung out there all day!


Taking the plunge

Lake Monster sightings

Hanging out in the pool post swim

Mary, Lake Monster 458 (congrats!)

In-swim video

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