Swim Report – August 5, 2017 – Peak Summer

A much more even-tempered lake greeted us at 5:45am yesterday, giving us almost near perfect swimming conditions. Instead of last week’s 6-8 foot high volume and ultra-chaotic swells, we had steady 1-2 foot waves that were much easier to navigate. But as typical this time of year, the lake was at its finest in terms of comfort level.

The surface temperature came in at 71.4F with the in-swim watch thermometer reading a steady 72.0F. And while not as clear as in May, the lake had pretty good visibility given how active it has been these past few weeks!

As always, the resplendent and vibrantly colorful sunrise was the highlight of the morning. This was one of the better ones, so if you opted to stay indoors and sleep off your hangover you can be assured that your night of overindulgence robbed you of something spectacular.

Given that my swim endurance is not as robust as last year at this time – and I gleefully blame Hurricane Joseph for this – I only did the 1/2 mile to Oak Street Beach before walking back. However, I’m glad I chose this option over just turning around at the 1/4 mile point.

Bottom line, Oak Street Beach was a total blast! The smaller swells were still very high volume, and they broke on the beach into some quite sizable waves. So a bunch of us decided to stick around for a while and do some 6:00am body surfing!

Wish you could have been there!

Dawn plunge


The 5:45am crew

In-swim shots

Beach action shots

A new paint job on L1 thanks to Diver Dave!

Hanging out in the balmy lake post-swim

Roelof, Lake Monster 457 (congrats!)

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