Swim Report – April 13, 2014 – Palm Sunday Swim!

Despite the dire weather forecast, the conditions proved to be quite ideal when Nick and I arrived at L1.

The lake temp came in at 46F, and we only had a slight sustained southwest wind which really wasn’t producing any swells. The only irritating factor was the presence of garbage in the lake left by the dull-witted masses who continually defile the lakefront once the weather turns warmer (yes, that means YOU, you careless sick slobs!).

Undaunted, Nick and I applied neoprene to our extremities only and entered the swim area.

I actually did a repeat of last week – a quick jog to Oak Street Beach followed by a point-to-point swim back to L1. Nick chose to get in at L1 and turn around at the halfway point to the beach. Either way, we got in a swim while the air temperatures were still in the pleasant 59F – 65F range.

Post-swim, we had to go through the predictable afterdrop. But it didn’t seem to have the same severity as last week. So it looks like the halcyon days of summer are right around the corner!

The sun peeks out


Nick pre-swim


Calm swim area


Avian spectator


At the beach


Pre-swim video!

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