Swim Report – April 5, 2014 – In the plus-40F zone!

The sun was already up for a good hour when I met up with Martin out at L1. The official lake temp came in at 41F, which was a bit lower than what I’ve typically swam in without full body neoprene. But given the light winds and fairly civil lake conditions, we decided to do a half mile with just gloves, hoods, and booties/foot covers.

We jogged down to the beach from L1 and started to wade out into the surf. The swells were a bit more intense at the shore, but the water didn’t have the “sting factor” that had been present a week before. So we plunged in and started heading north.

After about 20 minutes, we arrived back at L1 and quickly changed out of our wet swim accouterments and into layers upon layers of dry clothes. I was running a bit late for a breakfast meeting with Amanda and Phil over at Elly’s, so I gathered up all my stuff and hurried off to meet with them.

As it was, I was in full afterdrop mode by the time I arrived at the restaurant. Fortunately, lots of coffee and hot food helped me pass through that purgatory.

But even with teeth a chattering, it was well worth the time spent in the lake, as the swim was amazing and the vista was magnificent. And as always, you should have been there!

Sunrise from Sheridan Road


L1 pre-swim



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