OWC Mindshare 4: Effective Open Water Sighting Techniques

There’s a lot more to sighting than just picking a target and looking for it during the swim.  But unfortunately, that’s usually all the advice you’ll ever get from most coaches whenever the subject comes up.   The reality, though, is that poor and inefficient sighting techniques can deplete your energy during the swim and adversely impact your overall event performance.

In this session, we are going to discuss “reality-based” sighting.  Specifically, we will review how to efficiently and effectively stay on course and keep your bearings within all types of open water conditions – including situations where you literally cannot see the swim finish area.  We will discuss pre-swim sighting strategies as well as how to manage the limitations of your visual field while in the open water.  We will also detail and demonstrate a powerful and practical “sight stroke” technique that OWC developed based on the principal of “economy of movement.”  Below are the details – don’t miss out!

OWC Mindshare 4: Effective Open Water Sighting Techniques

– Date: Sunday July 13, 2014

– Time: 7:00am

– Location: Vicinity of Ladder 1

– What to bring: Just yourself as this is a land-based seminar (i.e. no swimming involved!).

– Cost: Feel free to donate to OWC at any time after the clinic if you feel that it was in any way valuable to you!

[For more details on the OWC Mindshare series – CLICK HERE]

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