OWC Mindshare 1: The inner game of outdoor swimming

Believe it or not, you are actually “wired” to thrive in the elements.  But you will only be successful if you understand how you interact with a highly dynamic external environment at a physical, emotional, and logical level.

In this kick-off session to the OWC Mindshare series, we will review this topic area in depth.  By the end, you should have a much better frame of reference to guide you with your open water swimming – as well as elsewhere in your life.  Here are the details:

OWC Mindshare 1: The inner game of outdoor swimming

– Date: Saturday, June 14, 2014

– Time: 7:00am

– Location: Vicinity of Ladder 1

– What to bring: Just yourself as this is a land-based seminar (i.e. no swimming involved!).  You can also bring something to eat or drink – I will likely be doing so!

– Cost: Feel free to donate to OWC at any time after the clinic if you feel that it was in any way valuable to you!

[For more details on the OWC Mindshare series – CLICK HERE]


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  1. 300 !…. It seems like yesterday it was just a few crazy fools like you n me getting out of bed to catch the beautiful sun rises -swim and float on the inner tubes …

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