OWC Mindshare: A new model for open water swim education!

Are you tired of feeling like a shipwreck survivor whenever you finish an open water swim?

Well, that’s exactly what you will get when you train to merely “survive” the swim!

How about OWNING the swim instead?

In other words, what if you could actually THRIVE in the open water environment and have it be an ENJOYABLE CHALLENGE instead of a “necessary evil” that you just need to “get through?”


I’ve been in your situation.

I know what it’s like to be facing an upcoming open water swim and to not feel adequately prepared to deal with the uncertainty of the experience.

And I also know how frustrating it is to be told by inexperienced coaches that the solution to your dilemma is to “just do it” and “get more laps in” out in the lake.

Bottom line – this approach doesn’t solve your problem!

You need SPECIFICS – strategies and tactics that will enable you to excel in the open water and to actually ENJOY the experience.

And most important, you want this from a TRUSTED ADVISOR who can provide valuable guidance based on real experience in Lake Michigan (imagine that!).

Fortunately, there is now a new and exciting alternative to the status quo!


Open Water Chicago is thrilled to announce “OWC Mindshare” – a new series of specialized clinics designed to give you key insights and tools you need to successfully navigate open water swimming.

Starting in June, I will be scheduling and conducting 30-45 minute interactive educational sessions which will take place at 7:00am (after our swim meetups and within the vicinity of L1).

The topics will vary, but below is a current list of several areas we will cover based on the feedback I’ve received from all of you:

– The inner game of outdoor swimming
– How to effectively prepare for cold water immersion
– Anxiety and panic in open water swimming: why they’re completely different and why they require separate strategies
– Reality-based sighting: how to really keep your bearings in a chaotic swim situation
– How to handle swimming and breathing in waves, chops, and currents
– Gear selection for open water swimming: what is the best setup for various situations?
– Drafting: how to conserve energy through other swimmers
– How to conquer an Alcatraz swim – or any other SF Bay swim

So what does this cost?


All you need to do is show up, listen, ask questions, and seek clarification on anything we go over during that session. You don’t need to bring any swim gear as these will be “land-based” sessions.


Here’s the key – if you think you have received any value from any of these clinics, then feel free to go to the OWC website at any time afterwards and donate WHATEVER YOU WANT by clicking on the blue “Support OWC!” button on the middle right side of the page.

If you do NOT think you derived any value from attending these, then please do NOT feel obligated to donate anything. Yes, I am serious!

So why this compensation model?

Because I only want you to pay for this if you honestly feel that I provided you with something of value to you and to your specific situation. And by you voting with your wallet, you help me “up my game” and provide you with better information, guidance, and coaching overall.

So that’s it! I will be announcing the first OWC Mindshare session very soon, so please keep checking the OWC home page as well as the OWC Facebook Page.

And thanks again for all your continued interest and support!



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