Swim Report – June 14, 2014 – Late Spring bliss…

After a chaotic week where the air temperatures dipped into the low 50F’s, we lucked on out Saturday morning with a nice, sunny day – and a relatively warm lake.

The official water temperature measured just under 62F at 5:15am, but the lake conditions were about as ideal as you could get.  So after the usual socializing/procrastinating phase, we all slipped into the lake rather quickly.

Given the flat and calm water, the swim south to the beach was quick and efficient.  We had a steady north wind to contend with on the way back which gave us a slight current.  But we still made pretty good time on the return to L1.

What made the morning especially significant, though, was the presence of several new Lake Monsters – including Lake Monster #300!  As a celebration of this milestone, we gave out a new pair of Barracuda Triton goggles.

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‘Nuff said.  Here are the pics and video:



Pool party at 5:15am



Sunrise at water level


Renee, Lake Monster 299


Geneva, Lake Monster 300 [yay, we hit the 300 mark!]


Amanda, Lake Monster 301


Greg, Lake Monster 302


Tony, Lake Monster 303


An artistic shot of Rick, Lake Monster 304 (Photo: Josh Jones)


Sunrise video!

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