Weekend Swim Report – June 25/26, 2011 – Paradise at L1

I have a brief respite from travel/work, so I’m posting some stuff that Dave sent me. Bottom line, Saturday was about as close to perfection as we’ve ever had out there. Brilliant sunrise, mirror flat lake coming in at 62F, and water clarity rivaling the Caribbean.

A number of new folks showed up, but I do not have names or lake entry order. So if you show up in any of these and want your Lake Monster number, just send me a note at srhernan@gmail.com.

(Kudos to Dave for all the great shots and video clips!)

L1 sunrise

Amanda, Lake Monster #106 (left) and Katie, Lake Monster #62 (right)

Anthony, Lake Monster #107

Mystery Lake Monster #108

Laura in her element

Sunrise video


    June 28, 2011

    both saturday and sunday were two of the finest swim days for 2011…
    the water was crystal clear- flat – no current and 62 to 65 degrees.
    i swam today tuesday after work and it to was perfect and 65 degrees.
    ladder one is looking a lot better but needs a little more work to make it perfect.

  2. Laura K
    June 28, 2011

    The girl in the Guard shirt is Katie Bublitz–a neighbor and good friend of Carol and Paul. She’s also the newest member of Team Carol!!! Her friend is Amanda–I’ll her last name for you.

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