Update on Paula’s Trans-Lake Michigan Swim

I just got a note from Paula that the swim is on! She was able to secure a charter boat to accompany her from Chicago to Michiana Shores. They’re still short a kayak, though, so if any of you have one they can use for 24 hours, I am sure they would greatly appreciate it. Just contact Paula directly or let me know and I will forward the message.

Also, Paula is starting her swim on Friday August 21, 2009 at 12:00 noon from Rainbow Beach (77th Street and the Lake). I know some of you have expressed interest in giving her a good luck send-off, so feel free to hightail it down to Rainbow Beach later this week!

7 Replies to “Update on Paula’s Trans-Lake Michigan Swim

  1. I’m planning to be there. I Hope to see Ladder #1 well represented by all the faithful !! I’ve never been down that way before ….any idea about parking ??

    1. Hi Danny, I google map Rainbow Beach and they have a big parking lot. What time do you think you were going to get there???

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