Swim report (updated) – Holiday weekend edition

All’s well that ends well…

The weekend started out fantastically on Saturday morning with a whole swarm of Lake Monsters making it out to L1 for a sunrise swim. But we had the little drama with me losing my camera out in the “pool” later on in the morning. So we almost lost all of this great footage to commemorate the swim!

I joined Dave that afternoon, and we both looked for the wayward Cybershot for about an hour. No such luck. But Dave persisted the next morning with his scuba tanks and recovered the still functional camera after another exhaustive search (thanks a bunch again!).

So here are some images from the gorgeous weekend we had here in Chi-town:

Sailboat sunrise

Big turnout at L1

Ben, Lake Monster #109 (congrats!)

Surfer Jack (#53) and Youn Soo Kim (new Lake Monster #110 – congrats!)

Amy, Lake Monster #111 (congrats!)

What my camera saw most of the weekend

Saturday morning’s video

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  1. from no on i will attach steve’s camera to my giant inner tube to help insure we never need to search for it ever again !
    water temp was 70 degrees on the 4th of july and the water has been crystal clear for 5 days now ! its almost 40 degrees warmer then our winter swims so leave your wet suits at home enjoy the warm water…

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