Swim Report – September 4, 2010 – Late October?!?

Despite autumn-like weather conditions – including 59F water temperatures – we had a great turnout over at L1 at 6:30am. We waited for the sun to come out from behind the clouds before starting, but it was still a very brisk swim in some rather challenging waters that involved 3-4 foot swells. Still, everyone did very well and had fun. And more than a few swimmers earned their much-coveted Lake Monster numbers, too!


Left to right: Terry, Stephanie, and Nic – Lake Monsters 77, 78, and 79

Joe – Lake Monster 80

Aaron and Michael – Lake Monsters 81 and 82

Post-swim video

3 Replies to “Swim Report – September 4, 2010 – Late October?!?

  1. call – write – email the chicago park district and beg to leave the swim ladders in before they remove them this year…..
    call larry moser 312 746 5561 and leave a message- he never answers the phone. tell how you train in the lake year round and that if someone fell in they cannot get out…
    you can send an e-mail through the chicago park district web site also.
    we need all the help we can get or they will pull all of the ladders soon and will not install them till memorial day next year. their is a lot of good swimming to be had when the beaches are closed for the season….

  2. Steve –

    Thanks for welcoming us on Saturday. We went back out today and the water was smooth as glass and a few degrees warmer. A GREAT swim. I look forward to swimming with you guys again soon.

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