Swim Report – September 23, 2011 – Last few minutes of summer!

Dave, Nick, Joe, and Amanda joined me at L1 this morning to celebrate the official end of summer which took place at 4:05 AM (CST). The water temperature came in at a surprisingly warm 65F with the air temperature a bit more crisp at 60F. So we got in shortly before the equinox and managed to “bridge” both seasons!

We didn’t have a full moon like last year, but we had a great crescent moon and a fantastic night skyline to accompany us on our swim. I would tell you that you should have been there – but deep down you already know that!

Moon over L1

Yours truly pre-swim

Dave post-swim

Joe post-swim

The Super-Magnificent L1 Equinox Crew!

Summer/Fall Video (I goofed on the date – it’s not the 24th!)

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    September 23, 2011

    FOR THOSE OF YOU MORE WORRIED ABOUT YOUR BEAUTY SLEEP , THEN GETTING TO THE LADDER #1 BATH AND TENNIS CLUB… YOU REALLY MISSED OUT ! the 65 degree water was so nice i wished i had brought along my inner tubes to float around and enjoy the 65 degree water and the beautiful views of Chicago’s skyline and the crescent shaped moon. Nick and Steve rode their bikes there to get a little more exercise before work this morning.

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