Swim Report – September 19, 2020 – Goodbye Summer!

Little Nicholas decided to sleep in this morning, so I took advantage of the short-lived calm and got in a swim out at Lighthouse Beach.

Ma Nature decided to put the Hammer of Fall down early with a 50F air temperature, but the lake came in at a very pleasant 64.2F. I was already dressed in my jammers under my sweat clothes, so I quickly doffed the latter and trotted into the lake while wincing on the cold, wet sand.

I swam straight east up until I was level with the end of the pier before turning north and following the shoreline. There were 1-2 foot swells that made it a bit tricky at times as I am mostly a right side breather. But they were regular enough that I could time them and not receive a souvenir mouthful of Lake Michigan water.

Overall, I got in just under 1/3 mile before having to exit the lake and get back to the King of Fuss. Happy Autumn!

Dawn colors
Sun worshipers

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