Swim Report – July 30, 2020 – Balmy Swells

The arrival of little Nicholas has not kept me out of the lake, but it has certainly greatly curtailed when and how long I can go out for a swim.

Until things get a bit less hectic on the home front, the best that I can do is to try to sneak in a quick weekday swim at a local beach – which is exactly what I was able to do here. Given the extreme tardiness of this report, I’ll just hit a few key points and keep this short.

Bottom line, I had a 74F lake temperature and an identical air temperature this morning out at Lighthouse Beach. It was rather wavy as the pictures show, but I managed to bang out 1/3 mile before I had to get back. Luckily, the swells were fairly regular and predictable, so I was able to find a swim rhythm and not exhaust myself in the waves.

All in all, a great morning at the beach. I wish I could get out more!

Warm waves at the beach
A fantastic show to the east!

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