Swim Report – September 16, 2017 – Late Summer Perfection

There’s nothing like a perfect swim morning to make up for a very rough evening…

Hurricane Joseph became a Category 5 storm at 2:00am last night. So given that I was completely spent by the time it came to leave for the swim, imagine my joy when the lake turned out to be completely civil this time around!

Summer surged back this week and warmed up the lake to an idyllic in-swim temperature of 69.6F. The air was already 72F (and climbing), and the water conditions were about as good as it gets. We had several new faces out this morning as well as some Lake Monsters we haven’t seen at L1 for a while. This made for a very social morning while extending our usual pre-swim procrastination that much longer!

I had planned to swim to the beach and walk back, but I got a bit of a late start taking Lake Monster photos of everyone. Plus I had to get back home real quick to take care of some Eastern yellow jackets that had decided to build a colony in my brickwork. So instead, I went out to the 1/8 mile mark and did a loop out to the buoys and back – about 1/2 mile total.

I finished up ahead of the others who did the entire out and back and took off just as they were making their final approach to L1. By then the sun was out in full force and the lakefront was starting to really come alive.

I wish I could have stayed out there all day!

Crescent moon at daybreak


Lots of pics at our photogenic swim site!

In swim shots

The author sporting a super cool South End Rowing Club swim cap (Thanks Fran!)

Eric, Lake Monster 468 (congrats!)

Linda, Lake Monster 469 (congrats!)

Left to right – Hannah, Lake Monster 470; Sarah, Lake Monster 471, and Kate, Lake Monster 472 (congrats!)

Pat, Lake Monster 473 (congrats!)

Khoga, Lake Monster 474 (congrats!)

Evicting the yellow jackets

My household at 2:00am

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