Swim Report – October 5, 2013 – Summer Redux

In an eerie coincidence, the lake temperature once again came in at a reading of 66.6F – identical to that from last Saturday. However, we had none of the frustrating chops, and only a very slight swell. So, buoyed by the unexpectedly high water temperature reading – not to mention the astonishingly perfect sunny skies and 71F air temperature – the whole group of us eagerly jumped into the lake.

By the time we all hit Oak Street Beach, the sun was blazing in full glory, making the return swim even more spectacular. After getting back to the beacon-like L1, a few of us hung around for a while and chatted. The storms were not forecasted until later in the afternoon, so we all took full advantage of the perfect weather while it lasted.

All in all, Ma Nature decided to give us a bonus summer day out at the lake. So I hope you at least got out there to enjoy it!





Back at L1


One more quick dip!


Robert, Lake Monster 275 (congrats!)


Jenna, Lake Monster 276 (congrats!)


Before the swim

3 Replies to “Swim Report – October 5, 2013 – Summer Redux

  1. I made it out last Friday after work. I think i’m not looking at the correct reading on line for water temperature bc I expected 70 so I didn’t take a wet suit. I was pretty cold! Anyway last Friday at 6pm the water was super flat. It was almost scary. A pool is flatter..and remarkably I made it past my quarter mile mark without realizing it bc it was so smooth.

    Unfortunately I can’t join you all tomorrow! And after that i’m probably done bc I have a sleeveless wet suit and my hands get hypothermia pretty easily 🙁 but maybe I’ll find some cold water gear

    1. Make sure you drink plenty of water the day before and on the day you plan to swim. You will feel much warmer!
      We swim all winter with 5mm scuba diving boots – hood and gloves.
      Look at the goodwill n Salvation Army stores n craigs list -eBay for used n new wet suits!
      Most dive shops sell off last years rental hoods gloves n boots if you want to save a lot of Money

  2. i’m sad to report that someone has already chipped the paint on ladder #1 …
    NASA called and said, ” they can now easily see ladder #1 from the space station !”

    11am Sunday morning the water was mirror flat and 63 degrees on top !

    the water was clear so i pulled out the tank and SCUBA dove about 3/4 mile. the bottom temp was 59 – 60.2 degrees….

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