Swim Report – October 2, 2022 – In Like a Lion

Old Man Winter might not be here yet, but he put his equally tempestuous nephew in charge of things to usher in October. While the lake came in at a still balmy 64.2F, we were greeted with steady, vigorous winds from the north as well as heavy swells at 6:30am. We assessed the situation and opted to give it a shot – but we decided on doing a shorter, but definitely more intense, swim.

I got in early to do a quick test run of the ingress/egress challenge at L1. While the waves were high (and getting higher), they were very predictable and could be managed and timed fairly easily. Also, the higher water temperatures made a big difference in helping all the Lake Monsters stay calm and focused.

Overall, it was a shorter swim but certainly one of the more entertaining ones! The only regret we all had was that no one brought out any inner tubes!

Sunrise with bonus geese
Timing is everything
Swim start
Swim finish
Claire, Lake Monster 556 (congrats!)

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  1. Hello OWC swimmer folks, these pictures are amazing!

    I’ll be over in Chicago (from London) for the week starting October Sunday 15th to Friday 21st. I’m a fairly experienced and keen open water swimmer. I have been swimming in the lake before but would prefer to swim with others. Please let me know if anyone will be around that week. I’d be hoping for some early morning swims 👍😊. Please contact me on Wayne.Hannaway@Gmail.com.

    Best wishes,

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