Swim Report – May 5, 2019 – Dog Days of Spring

Our first May meetup came agonizingly close to shattering the 50F ceiling. But even though the late April shenanigans of Old Man Winter managed to temper the lake a bit, he couldn’t stop Spring

After being thwarted last week from my much coveted Sunday swim, I was delighted to see a calm lake to my left while southbound on Lake Shore Drive. And even though I had plenty of time before sunrise, I still found myself stepping on the accelerator so as not to miss out on the big show.

Last week I was lucky enough to find parking on Astor Street. I ended up over by Clark Street this time, so I did a brisk Olympic walk out to L1 as I could already see the colors changing on the horizon.

The lake was perfectly calm and at a level that I have not seen since I’ve been coming out to L1. I took a quick surface temperature reading which came back at 49.6F – identical to my in-swim reading. Oh so close but still in the sub-50F basement!

I originally planned to go with just my jammers and swim cap, but I could feel a painful sting on my lower legs as I descended the ladder. So I threw on a neoprene short sleeve top to take the edge off of the cold.

Despite the placid water, there must have been a slight southbound current as I made it out to the 1/8 mile point very quickly. But the swim back to L1 was pretty easy as well, so I suspect that it had more to do with the lack of waves and swells.

We stuck around for a short while after the swim and warmed up in the intense and abundant sunshine. By then the air temperature was flirting with 50F, so I could have stayed out there all morning. But the arrival of Spring has awakened more than just the lakefront – including a very vigorous yard and garden that will now be demanding my attention for quite some time.

Happy May!

Swim start
Catching up with Rita at the turnaround point
Happy May!

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