Swim Report – April 21, 2019 – Happy Easter!

I’ve had some amazing mornings out at the lakefront, but this past Easter Sunday was certainly one for the ages. Not only did we get an absolutely amazing sunrise, but we got to swim in a wonderfully calm lake that almost broke the 50F ceiling. So the Spring Turnover has definitely arrived at our world famous swim site!

I set my alarm to wake up extra early on Sunday to give me enough time to do all my pre-swim prep and still make it out to the lake for the 6:00am sunrise. As it turned out, I made really good time and was out at L1 by 5:45am. And I’m glad I got there earlier, as the show to the east was already starting!

Apart from a small cluster of light and wispy clouds, we had a bright and clear morning with some amazing pre-dawn colors which were already making their appearance on the eastern horizon. After capturing several images, I took the surface temperature of the lake which came in at a very inviting 48.6F – almost at the coveted 50F mark!

Several other swimmers arrived just as the sun made its magnificent grand entrance. We delayed our swim start for a while and took in the splendor while enjoying the masterful serenading of a cellist who happened to be celebrating the morning out by the Chess Pavilion. Gotta love L1!

With the clear skies and the intense and abundant sunshine, I decided to forego all neoprene and just go with my jammers, goggles, and swim cap – something I have not done since early November. The initial entry was a bit bracing, but I acclimated quickly and soon found my swim groove. I did a brisk 1/4 in total, but I was never in any discomfort while in the lake.

I had a bit of an afterdrop post-swim, but the now blazing sun from the east helped minimize the duration and intensity of it. So I am happy to report that I will now be packing away all my winter gear into storage for many, many months to come!

Dawn colors
Easter sunrise!
Lake Monsters gathering
Group shot pre-swim (photo credit: Joe Agnew)
Swim Start
Selfie at swim finish
Sue and Gus, Lake Monsters 510 and 511 respectively,
hailing all the way from the UK (congrats!)
Bach cello suite at the Chess Pavilion

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