Swim Report – May 2, 2015 – Spring Perfection

I get a lot of flack for scheduling these meetups so godforsakenly early on a Saturday morning. But what people don’t realize is that this is the absolute best time of day to get in the lake – and yesterday was no exception!

A great group of both new and seasoned Lake Monsters met out at L1 just before 5:45am, and at first we weren’t sure we were going to get much of a sunrise. There was a bank of clouds to the east that was obscuring the horizon, and it didn’t look like we would be able to see anything before we started our swim. But a bright orange orb peeked through an aperture in the clouds and gave us quite an amazing send off to our swim!

The official lake temp came in at 50.5F, and the water conditions were calm and flat – a welcome contrast to last week. I once again did the jog to Oak Street Beach with a half-mile swim back, and it was quite comfortable in just my jammers and swim cap.

By the time everyone returned to L1, the sun was out in full force giving us yet another amazing start to our weekend. Wish you all could have been there, too!

Sunrise at 5:45am



Swim start


Obed, in-swim


Marty, Lake Monster 344


Brendan, Lake Monster 345


Lake Monsters post-swim



One last look back!


Happy May!


Today’s video compilation:

2 Replies to “Swim Report – May 2, 2015 – Spring Perfection

  1. I cannot tell you how happy I am to have found your site. I live far from my beloved Lake Michigan in London, England. Last year out of desperation I started swimming in the Kenwood Ladies’ Pond on Hampstead Heath.

    It’s very nice — and a real miracle to have in the midst of the metropolis. But it is hard to get across to swimmers there how utterly wonderful the Lake is (I used to swim at the Point (55th street) and at the 49th street beach).

    These day’s it’s a balmy 55˚ here already, and there are ducklings in the water and trees and the vast Heath surround us. But I’ll be checking in to see your wonderful photographs of the water I really wish I were in…

    1. Hi Michele. Thanks for the kind words! We truly are lucky to have such a fantastic “swimming hole” right in the middle of the city. I tell people that it’s not really a lake, but rather an inland fresh water sea – which is more accurate. I hope you can come out to swim with us the next time you are in town!

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